The Rev. Jimmy Creech Profile of Justice Annual College Scholarship Award

Nebraska Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action


Jimmy Creech and Angela Clements.Jimmy Creech and Angela Clements, 2002 recipient of the Rev Jimmy Creech Profile of Justice College Student Award/Scholarship.

The Rev. Jimmy Creech Profile of Justice Annual College Scholarship Award is a scholarship fund for United Methodist students who seek to emulate the example of the Rev. Creech in seeking peace and justice for all. The Rev. Creech, in his 27-year history as a United Methodist pastor, has ministered to four congregations, as well as migrant workers, death row inmates, and gays and lesbians.

Recipients are chosen yearly now by NOMINATION rather than by application. Individuals can nominate him or herself or a student. The student who is a member of United Methodist Church in Nebraska and active in justice work. The nominations are due yearly on May 1 to Rev Melissa Finlaw Draper at Cornerstone UMHE, 640 N 16th, Lincoln, NE 68503.

The scholarship is given yearly as the Nebraska Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action grows the Endowment Fund. Their goal is to receive $20,000 and give a yearly scholarship of $1000 from the endowment. Until the goal is reached, it will be give 5% of the total raised. At the end of 2002, the fund was about $15,000.

The Scholarship has been given three times to Molly Vetter, Claremont School of Theology, Jill Thayer, Hastings College, Hastings, NE and to Angela Clements, UNL, Lincoln, NE.

If you have questions or want information concerning this scholarship, contact Maureen Vetter or Jay Vetter co-chairpersons of the Endowment Fund at 4530 A Street, Lincoln, NE 68510. A task force of MFSA works on raising funds and encouraging students to apply for this scholarship. It is awarded at the MFSA Banquet each year during Nebraska Annual Conference. Thanks to all of you who have given to honor Jimmy and to encourage ongoing justice work.

The Nebraska chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action determines the recipient based on the following criteria:

Requirements of Applicants/Recipients

1. Current membership in a United Methodist church in the Nebraska Annual Conference
2. Enrollment at any university, college, junior or community college, graduate or undergraduate level

The scholarship will be determined based on concrete documentation of the following:

1. Amount and length of time the student has ACTIVELY participated in the programs (youth and other) of The United Methodist Church.
2. The student's commitment to peace and social justice issues as reflected by ACTIVE participation in church and/or community agencies/events.
3. The student's stated commitment to peace and justice via a personal essay of no less than one typed page.

Contributions to the fund can be sent to:

MFSA Jimmy Creech Profile of Justice Scholarship Fund
c/o Jay Vetter
4530 A Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

Make your check out to MFSA
In the memo bar, write: Jimmy Creech College Scholarship Award

The photograph is courtesy of Jimmy Creech.


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