Bethany's Statement on Holy Unions and Covenant Services for Same-Gender Life-Partners

Bethany United Methodist Church, San Francisco, CA

Bethany United Methodist Church is one of over one-hundred-and-thirty Reconciling Congregations throughout the United Methodist Church which openly welcome lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people into the full life of the Church. As a reconciling congregation, we at Bethany affirm same-gender relationships and recognize the need to acknowledge God's blessing of life-partnerships as an integral component of our nurturing ministry.

Regrettably, the debate over the blessing of same-gender unions is far from over in The United Methodist Church. United Methodist pastors who choose to perform holy unions do so at great personal and professional risk. As a community of faith, we offer our loving and prayerful support for Bethany's pastor and any other United Methodist clergy who choose to celebrate the unions of same-gender couple. In so doing we also acknowledge and accept our responsibility as a United Methodist congregation.

At this time in the history of The United Methodist Church, we affirm that our declaration to celebrate holy unions and covenant services within our congregation is a witness to Christ's whole Church and is deeply rooted in Bethany's on-going commitment to social justice. Therefore, having diligently studied this issue and having sought guidance of the Holy Spirit through congregational discussion and prayer, we at Bethany United Methodist Church affirm our intention as a congregation to continue to provide the opportunity and space for celebration of holy unions between loving, committed life-partners.

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Approved by Administrative Council at its September 2nd (1997) meeting.

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