September 16, 1998


Rev. Jimmy Creech in San Francisco

by Rembert Truluck

(news release shortened by CORNET)

Rev. Jimmy Creech will preach at The Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco this Sunday evening, September 20, at 7 PM. If you can possibly attend this event, please come. I heard Rev. Creech preach at MCCSF on the Sunday before his trial at which he was found not guilty of violating United Methodist Church Law in his celebration of marriage for a Lesbian couple in his church in Omaha. Many of you have followed the life and ministry of Rev. Creech during the past several months. He is a powerful speaker and effectively presents our point of view about homosexuals and spirituality.

The Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco is located at 150 Eureka St. in the "Castro". It was the second MCC established after the initial beginnings of MCC in Los Angeles in 1968. It is now one of the largest.

MCCSF has grown to over 500 active members, its largest ever membership. Under Rev. Mitulski's over 10 years of leadership, the church has developed outreach and many humanitarian ministries in the city and has received growing community support as it frequently has led the way in community action concerning issues of concern to people of all sexual orientations.

For information, see the MCCSF web site at

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