February 12, 1998


Date of Church Trial Set for Clergyman Who Celebrated Same-Gender Covenant Service


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The Rev. Jimmy Creech's church trial has been set for March 11-13, 1998 at First United Methodist Church in Kearney (pronounced Carney), Nebraska. Kearney is 186 miles from Omaha and 129 miles from Lincoln. The presiding bishop will be retired Bishop Leroy C. Hodapp of Evansville, Indiana.

Jimmy Creech says, "I contend that I have not acted in disobedience to the Order and Discipline of The United Methodist Church," in a statement released on January 26, 1998, [I] "...have acted in a way consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ and with my calling as a pastor in The United Methodist Church." He believes that "Denying the right of couples to celebrate their love and fidelity through a commitment ceremony in the context of their faith community because they are of the same sex is not an expression of God's grace.... [It is] an expression a of cultural prejudice that has infected the community of faith, has institutionalized bigotry in the name of God...."

Creech affirms, "I acted out of loyalty to The United Methodist Church. I am devoted to it."

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