Vision Focus

First United Methodist Church, Omaha, Nebraska, 1996

We are the body of Christ. As such:

Supporting the Vision

Celebration and Praise

We will continue with our current worship style. (Worship style includes all of the liturgy--readings, sermons, prayers, and music.) We will also offer a different worship style to meet the needs of members who may or may not be attending, and for unchurched persons who are looking for non-traditional worship.

Spiritual Growth

We will expand opportunities for everyone in the congregation to learn about and experience spiritual practices and life patterns that will lead to a growing relationship with God and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. This will include classes and small groups focusing on Bible study, spiritual formation, prayer and the healing ministry.

Welcoming, Acceptance, and Togetherness

We are welcoming, accepting, and encouraging of involvement for all who wish to join in the worship and service of God. We are inclusive of those associated with all economic levels, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, marital states, abilities, and age levels. We are a place where people feel comfortable and want to be. An integral aspect of our congregation is the mutual respect we have for one another in our diversity. All intentionally reach out to build new relationships and strengthen existing relationships especially during difficult times.

Community in Action

We are a place where community issues and needs are examined in the context of our faith, and everyone in the congregation responds to those needs in some way. We establish meaningful, interactive relationships with our neighborhood and larger community. We work toward changing the underlying issues of community problems.

Ministry with Children and Youth

We will strengthen our ministry with children and youth to provide opportunities for involvement in the life of our congregation, for spiritual growth, and for Christian discipleship.


Adequate facilities, personnel, and financial resources need to be provided to accomplish our vision. This will require ongoing evaluation of our need and a stewardship education program.