May 6, 2000


Stoles on Display at General Conference, Troy's on the Left.A Shower of Stoles: Troy Plummer


Photo: Troy's stole on display at General Conference in Cleveland, May 2-12, 2000. Photo by John Goodwin, UMNS: Click on photo to see a larger version.

On August 27, 1999, Linda E. Enger and Eleanora N. Piombino sent the stole that Troy Plummer wore at their covenant service in Houston to the "Shower of Stoles." so that it could be on display at General Conference. They were so moved by this exhibit at Reconciling Congregation Program convocation at the end of July that they went home and asked a friend to make one for him.

Troy's Story

Troy Plummer was raised in The United Methodist Church and prepared for ordination as clergy in the UMC. When he realized his own sexual identity and the church's position on lesbians and gays, he found the Orthodox Catholic Church, which ordains all people who are called by God to serve. It seemed very fitting that he wear this stole and that they donate it to the Shower of Stoles.

Troy Plummer models the stole before the holy union. The icons are symbolic of the church and Elli's and Linda's life.


   *the sun, signifying "A Day of New Beginnings"
   *United Methodist Cross & Flame
   *Bering Memorial UMC Cross
   *Reconciling Congregation Program logo
   *word "ABBA" [God] and tears to show God is crying about the injustice in The United Methodist Church

Troy Plummer and the stole - 10088 Bytes


   *the sun, again
   *their family: the heart is Elli and Linda, the four squares are our four daughters, the eight circles represent our eight grandchildren
   *pink triangle with linked rings representing their wedding day
   *roman numeral 25 for the years they've been together
   *"ABBA" again

The Shower of Stoles is a collection of liturgical stoles from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people of faith. The individuals represented by these stoles are active leaders in their faith communities -- ordained clergy, elders, deacons, seminarians, church musicians, missionaries, and other gifted people -- many of whom have been barred from serving their faith community because of their sexual orientation.

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   The photographs of Troy, Linda, and Elli were taken by Don Acton and Wayne Woodard, members at Bering Memorial United Methodist Church, and are courtesy of Linda Enger. Used by permission.