Policy Statement on War

This statement was originally created January 1991; minor revisions were incorporated February 2003.

The blood of war stains the earth. We will reap a bitter harvest. War is the result of unwise choices, choosing power over justice, convenience over equity, and ultimatums over true negotiation. This war will extract an enormous human cost. It threatens the lives and futures of people on both sides who have little choice about their involvement. Many are dying. In our nation, young men and women of color or low economic means will carry a disproportionate burden of death and disabling injuries.

Inevitably, our national response to overwhelming human need--including the needs of persons living with AIDS--will be further curtailed to pay for this war. 'Management' of the news has already resulted in censorship. Greater violations of civil liberties may yet come, especially for our Arab and Muslim brothers and sisters in this country. Festering hatreds and resentments exacerbated by this war may blight attempts to create a just peace in the Middle East for generations.

As Christians, we have a mandate to join hands with those who see justice and reconciliation. As citizens of the United States, we call upon our nation to look for solutions that will bring the fighting to an immediate end. We ask our government to support a process in the Middle East that addresses the full range of issues present, allowing just peace for all parties. Industrialized nations should develop a network of renewable and ecologically sound energy sources so that we are not tempted to manipulate the course of events and the lives of nations to serve our consumptive hungers. We support the unlimited right of Americans to declare themselves conscientious objectors to military service. We call for the education of our youth about alternatives to military action and service.

As lesbian, gay, and bisexual and transgender Christians and those who support them, we know well the destruction that comes about when the human circle is broken by violence, oppression and injustice. We call upon our nation, our church, and our world to join together to rebuild the sacred circle of God's people, recognizing that we all are one in the love of the One who loves in us. Let us promise one another that we will lay down our weapons, take hold of hands, and study war no more.

See also: Affirmation Re-Affirms Policy Statement on War, February 2003.

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