The 35th Anniversary celebration of the life of Affirmation was held in the SOMA district of San Francisco in September, 2010. Remembering, celebrating, visioning, praying, worshiping, and sharing in the Lord's table were parts of the meaningful gathering. Here are photos of presenters, worship centers, and representative photos of participants. The one which is altered is torn because the church is still under the grip of homophobia.


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This statement was originally created January 1991; minor revisions were incorporated February 2003.

The blood of war stains the earth. We will reap a bitter harvest. War is the result of unwise choices, choosing power over justice, convenience over equity, and ultimatums over true negotiation. This war will extract an enormous human cost. It threatens the lives and futures of people on both sides who have little choice about their involvement. Many are dying. In our nation, young men and women of color or low economic means will carry a disproportionate burden of death and disabling injuries.

Changes to Bylaws

The Affirmation Council proposed changes to Affirmation's bylaws at the anniversary celebration in San Francisco, September 24-26, 2010. These changes were presented, discussed and approved at the annual meeting of Affirmation held during that time.

Download and view the changes to the bylaws (83K, RTF)

The proposed changes reflect the differences in the way Affirmation is organized and operating since the bylaws were last altered in October 2005, including:

  • updating the organization's name to the current legal name,
  • adding electronic means of notification to already existing means,
  • the minimum and maximum number of Council members,
  • the way new Council members are elected and the terms they serve,
  • and moving the date of the end of the fiscal year so it does not occur during the quadrennial General Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Fall 2016

Mary Lynn Ragan Clunn, Co-convenor
Alexandria VA
marylynnrc at

Gary Shephard, Co-convenor
Haslet, TX
umaffirmationeadmn at

Derrick Spiva, Co-Spokesperson
San Francisco, CA
dspiva415 at

Ann Craig, Co-Spokesperson
Newburgh, NY
craignewyork at

Joshua Culbertson
Zanesville, OH
joshua.culbertson at

Bea Fraser-Soots
Monument, CO
beasoots at

Ben Roe
Denver, CO
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Jim Palmquist
Macungie, PA
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