The United Methodist quadrennial General Conference happened in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 23-May 2, 2008. The official General Conference website is at

 Out: The Daily Publication of Affirmation

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  • Out #10, May 2, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 180K)
    Spiritual Violence Sparks Protests, Those Patronizing Cliches, Sexual Based Violence, Discrimination Condemned, Legislative Miscellaneous, Fort Worth Witness Proclamation.
  • Out #9, May 1, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 180K)
    No Progress On Human Sexuality Paragraph in Social Principles, Observations From Someone New to General Conference, We're Not Your Punching Bags, This 'n' that, INCARNATION, To The Chair, From The Voiceless.
  • Out #8, April 30, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 170K)
    Thinking Theologically Via Quadrilateral, God’s Truth Is Marching On..., Just Another Anonymous Story, Bless This Day, Indeed.
  • Out #7, April 29, 2008 (PDF, 2 p, 100K)
    This newsletter has a different format for one day only. At General Conference a a rainbow colored eraser to was attached to the lower right hand corner of the page.
  • Out #6, April 28, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 220K)
    That Face, That Spirit, That Mary, Faith Journey Leads to Unexpected Destination, Debate Is So 20th Century, A Social Principles Quiz.
  • Out #5, April 27, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 210K)
    Taking the Bible Seriously, Is It Time For "Homosexuals" To Go Away?, It's OUR Bible, Too!, A Poem: "Mother Love."
  • Out #4, April 26, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 280K)
    Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin, Come to OUT! Awards Banquet, Black Clergy Allies Support LGBT United Methodists, Transgender Press Conference Held, Free Outdoor Screening of For The Bible Tells Me So.
  • Out #3, April 25, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 560K)
    Make Everyone a Disciple?!, Ordained But Disconnected, A Prayer, National Day of Silence, Informal Transgender Mixer Slated
  • Out #2, April 24, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 520K)
    It's Not Easy..., We're Your Active Members, A Brief History Of Affirmation and the Reconciling Movement, Pastoral Care Hotline
  • Out #1, April 23, 2008 (PDF, 4 pp, 220K)
    Standing Outside of the Church, We're Still Here, I Don't Wanna Talk About It, Avoiding Sexuality Issue Is Not True Peace



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