California Clergy Officiants

Holy Union Service for Ellie Charleton and Jeanne Barnett - Listing of Officiants

Clergy give blessing

Jeanne Barnett (left) and Ellie Charlton are blessed on Saturday, January 16, 1999 by a laying on of hands during a ceremony of 'holy union' at the Sacramento Convention Center. The service, lead by the Rev. Don Fado of St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Sacramento, CA, challenged the denomination's policy against its clergy performing same-sex union ceremonies. Fado was joined by the officiants named below. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

An asterisk (*) denotes an officiant in absentia.
Three names added 1/21/99


  1. Michael Alexander
  2. Scott Alexander
  3. Carl Jeech
  4. Gloria Soliz


  5. *J. Howard Acton, Jackson(died in a car accident, March 8, 1999)
  6. John J. Auer, III, San Rafael
  7. Brandon Austin, Sacramento
  8. Donald L. Baldwin, Aptos
  9. *Gary Barbaree, San Francisco
  10. Claire Beals-Nesmith, San Francisco
  11. Dr. Robert W. Blaney, Aptos
  12. Diana Marie Bohn, Fresno
  13. *Dr. Joseph Brownrigg, San Dimas
  14. Richard E. Bruner, Pittsburg
  15. Carol M. Carter, Sacramento
  16. George P. Carter, San Jose
  17. Jerry Carter, San Jose
  18. John Chamberlin, San Francisco
  19. W. Thomas Clark , Grass Valley
  20. *Robert F. Clazie, Santa Rosa
  21. Rolfe Conrad, Petaluma (deceased 1999)
  22. D. Clifford Crummey, San Francisco
  23. *Al Dale, Bellingham, WA
  24. Donna Morrow Decamp, San Jose
  25. Sharon Delgado, Santa Cruz
  26. Nadine DeWitt, San Mateo
  27. *Paul Dirdak, Walnut Creek
  28. *Lawrence H. Doyle, Fresno
  29. Mona Dyer, Napa
  30. Steven Eatough-Smith, Oroville
  31. *John Emerson, Pleasanton
  32. Janet S. Everhart, Denver, CO
  33. Renae Extrum-Fernandez, Walnut Creek
  34. Don Fado, Sacramento
  35. *Gordon Fairchild, Sacramento
  36. David Franks, San Francisco
  37. Glenn S. Fuller, Walnut Creek
  38. Nobuaki Hanaoka, Sacramento
  39. J. Richart Hart, Walnut Creek
  40. Robert J. Hawthorne, San Jose
  41. C. Douglas Hayward, Pleasant Hill
  42. Thomas W. Hicks, Rancho Cordova
  43. Bruce Hilton, Sacramento
  44. Virginia Y. Hilton, Sacramento
  45. Elbert D. Hoffman, Stockton
  46. *Richard E. Houser, Jr., Billings, MT
  47. Jim Hutchinson, Concord
  48. Donna Fado Ivery, South San Francisco
  49. Dr. Hubert L. Ivery, South San Francisco
  50. *Rob Jennings-Teats, Paradise
  51. *Dixie Jennings-Teats, Paradise
  52. Wilbur Johnson, Richmond
  53. Alan Jones, San Francisco
  54. Linda M. Kelly, Rancho Cordova
  55. Phillip Lawson, Richmond
  56. Stephen Lee, Oakland
  57. Charles Lerrigo, Berkeley
  58. Jim Lockwood-Stewart, Berkeley
  59. David MacMurdo, Sacramento
  60. Bill Marx, Santa Rosa
  61. Dr. Theresa Mason, St. Paul, MN
  62. Charles McCoy, Berkeley
  63. *Ted McIlvenna, San Francisco
  64. *George H. McLane, Chico
  65. Victor W. McLane, Fresno
  66. Maggie McNaught, Palo Alto
  67. Douglas Monroe, Sacramento
  68. Bob Moon, Carmichael
  69. *Mike Morizono, El Cerrito
  70. Mary Parker-Eves, San Jose
  71. Larry Patten, Fresno
  72. Ted Pecot, Morgan Hill
  73. *Warren W. Peters, Manteca
  74. Jay Kevin Pierce, Sacramento
  75. Cheri Pierre, Willits
  76. Kathleen Ralston, Windsor
  77. Dr. Robert Rankin, Chico
  78. Lynn Rhodes, Berkeley
  79. Byron Roberts, Elk Grove
  80. Ellen Rowan, Chico
  81. Robert Sanford, Fairfield
  82. *Kelvin Sauls, San Francisco
  83. Doug Smith, Red Bluff
  84. Marlene Spilman, San Jose
  85. *Patricia Spooner-Walther, Watsonville
  86. Judith Stone, Saratoga
  87. Frank H. Stone, PhD., San Francisco
  88. Gerald Summers, Chico
  89. Paul Sweet, San Francisco
  90. Margo Tenold, Los Gatos
  91. *Vaopuna (Nick) Tiapula, San Mateo
  92. Harold A. Tillinghast, Eureka
  93. *Lloyd K. Wake, San Francisco
  94. Richard Whitmore, San Jose
  95. Cecil Williams, San Francisco
  96. Lee E. Williamson, Hayward
  97. Andrea Meek Winchester, Sacramento
  98. Dr. Sargent Wright, Citrus Heights
  99. *Michael Yoshii, Alameda


  100. Amy Alletzhauser, New England
  101. *Marie Bent, New England
  102. *Art Brandenburg, Eastern Pennsylvania
  103. *Lynne Butler, Rocky Mountain
  104. *Nancy A. Carter , New York
  105. *Norman Case, Western Philippines
  106. *William C. Coleman, New England
  107. *Dave Cornwell, North Indiana
  108. *Jack Cramer-Heuerman, Great Rivers (Illinois)
  109. *Jimmy Creech, Nebraska
  110. *Earle R. Custer, New England
  111. *F. Oliver Drake, New England
  112. *Janet E. Eggleston, Great Rivers (Illinois)
  113. Don Elmer, Dakotas
  114. *Marylee Fithian, Minnesota
  115. *Kay Gardner Pyle, Rocky Mountain
  116. *Richard E. Harding, New England
  117. *Russ Hawkins, Rocky Mountain
  118. *Sam Hedrick, New England
  119. *Mark Henderson, New England
  120. *Gerry Hill, Oregon / Idaho
  121. Dave Holmes, Iowa
  122. Steve F. Jackson, Southwest Texas
  123. *Evan R. Johnson, New England
  124. *Frederic Jones
  125. *Harry C. Kiely, Baltimore/ Wash.
  126. *Franklin E. Kooker, New England
  127. *John Kruse, Wisconsin
  128. *Paul V. LaRue, Oregon / Idaho
  129. *John H. Lavely, New England
  130. *James M. Lawson, Jr. , California-Pacific
  131. *John S. Lewis, Yellowstone
  132. *Theodore Loder, Eastern Pennsylvania
  133. *Roger Lynn, Minnesota
  134. *Wayne Marshall Jones, Western North Carolina
  135. *George McClain , New York
  136. *Peter L. Misner, New England
  137. *Mary Elizabeth Moore, California-Pacific
  138. Dr. Rebecca Parker, Pacific Northwest
  139. *Leslie Penrose, Oklahoma(withdrew from the UMC 3/99)
  140. *Lyda Pierce, Missionary in Honduras
  141. *Jeanne Audrey Powers, Minnesota
  142. *Harry Riley, Baltimore/ Wash.
  143. *Ruth E. S. Robinson, New England
  144. *Susan Ross, Oklahoma
  145. *Robert E. Sammons, New England
  146. Paul G. Schurman, Eastern Ohio
  147. *Donella Siktberg, New England
  148. *Carl Siktberg, New England
  149. *Richard W. Smith, Desert/ Southwest
  150. *Steve Smith, West Michigan
  151. *Suzanne Marie Snyder, Northern Illinois
  152. *Harry Soper, Jr. , New England
  153. *Dr. Charles H. Straut, Jr., New York
  154. *Robert L. Treese, New England
  155. *Wayne S. Underhill, New England
  156. *Judy WestLee, Minnesota
  157. *Thomas C. Whitehouse, New England


  158. Ginny Curinga, United Church of Christ, Sacramento, CA
  159. Steve Fietz, Disciples of Christ Sacramento, CA
  160. Charles Grande, American Catholic, Penn Valley, CA
  161. Thomas W. Harshman, Disciples of Christ, Stanford, CA
  162. Glen A. Holman, Disciples of Christ, Sacramento, CA
  163. Steven F. Kindle, Disciples of Christ, Stockton, CA
  164. Stanley E. Olson, Bishop Emeritus Sierra Pacific Synod of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Placerville, CA
  165. Pamela Griffith Pond, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, San Rafael, CA
  166. Joy Preisser, Disciples of Christ, Sacramento, CA
  167. Terry Shea, Religious Science International , Nevada City, CA
  168. Rebecca St. Claire, Disciples of Christ, Hayward, CA
  169. Stephen St. Claire, Disciples of Christ, Hayward, CA
  170. John Wichman, Presbyterian, Hayward, CA

An asterisk (*) denotes an officiant in absentia.

(Note: This list of clergy has come directly from the St. Mark's UMC office; always, however, there is a possibility for an error. The list is subject to revision if CORNET is so notified.)

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