October Affirmation Council Meeting,  October, 2015

The Affirmation National Council met in Nashville October 8 to 10, where we heard a positive financial report, received a report on our partnership with LGBTI people in Uganda, signed Christmas cards to Affirmation members, and explored new fund raising strategies.

By Stephen Mallett

This article would not have been possible without much help from Gaytravel.com.  We’d have loved to have taken a field trip and found all of this out first hand, but time and budget didn’t permit it.

Portland is ranked as one of America’s top five most livable cities and the most eco-friendly city.  Portland is a green, clean, open-minded city that still has a small-town vibe.  Portland is host to Pride Northwest and the Lesbian and Gay Film Fest.

It’s Coming!

Can you believe it? General Conference is just a little over 6 months away! The leadership of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) is preparing legislative submission and analysis, wrangling volunteers, securing housing, and preparing to witness so that the message of peace, justice and full inclusion is heard loud and clear!

Affirmation helped the coalition by putting the security payment on coalition housing thanks to the bequest from Tim Tennant-Jayne. There are several ways you can help, too. Support the Coalition’s work at General Conference by signing on to our Vision for The United Methodist Church – and once you’ve done that don’t forget to make a donation! $25 or more to help all of us create opportunities for volunteers and train legislative teams!

You can read the statement here.

By Jan Hensley-Olson

It's hard to believe that another General Conference is just around the corner.  May 2016 will be here soon.  Affirmation will be in Portland to make its presence known, just like it has for every General Conference since 1976.  We will continue to show the UMC that we are still here even though the church has done a lot to push us away.  There will be a core group of Affirmation individuals, along with the Love Your Neighbor coalition, who will represent you at General Conference 2016.

Our most current newsletter is out. It is being released an article at a time; if you want full newsletters when they are published, join us!

The Contents:

Love in a time of persecution - by Ann Craig. Details some of the work of Affirmation in Uganda, where there is a death penalty for being gay.

General Conference is coming! - May, 2016 in Portland. Read about the Coalition of which we are a part.

Affirmation WILL be at General Conference! - by Walter Lockhart. We are United Methodist. This is our church.

Financing Affirmation at GC 2016 - By Jan Hensley-Olson. Affirmation will be in Portland to make its presence known, just like it has for every General Conference since 1976.  You can participate! Read more!

The LGBTQ Scene in Portland - By Steve Mallett. A primer on the LGBTQ scene that attendees to the upcoming General Conference in Portland, OR.

National Affirmation Council meets, October 2015. The council met in Nashville. Read about the meeting.

The council has published short biographical sketches of the leadership of Affirmation United Methodist.

Love Your Neighbor Coalition: A Vision for The United Methodist Church - an introduction to the Vision statement!

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