Financing Affirmation at GC 2016

By Jan Hensley-Olson

It's hard to believe that another General Conference is just around the corner.  May 2016 will be here soon.  Affirmation will be in Portland to make its presence known, just like it has for every General Conference since 1976.  We will continue to show the UMC that we are still here even though the church has done a lot to push us away.  There will be a core group of Affirmation individuals, along with the Love Your Neighbor coalition, who will represent you at General Conference 2016.


The Affirmation council has been making plans.  Individuals are making reservations.  We are determining what we can do and how we will pay for it.  That's where you come in! There are a number of ways you can contribute to our work.  The first, of course, is an outright donation.  We recently received a $4000 check from a long-time supporter.  Are you able to match it?  If not, how about:

Have you received enough ideas?  If not, we welcome your creativity.  Let us know what we could be doing to move the UMC towards full inclusion.  And let us know how you can help us do it.

A copy of the treasurer's year-end report is available upon a written request to the P.O. box or email address,

$1975    In honor of the year Affirmation was founded
$500  or 500 sweet treats    For our "Sweets for the Sweets" reception
$100 or $10    For each of the 10 General Conferences Affirmation has attended
$40 or $1 Per year    Affirmation has supported LGBTQ persons
$1    For every year you've been out as a LGBTQ person or an ally