Affirmation Council Meets

October Affirmation Council Meeting,  October, 2015

The Affirmation National Council met in Nashville October 8 to 10, where we heard a positive financial report, received a report on our partnership with LGBTI people in Uganda, signed Christmas cards to Affirmation members, and explored new fund raising strategies.

Our venue was the house where one of our co-coordinators, Stephen Mallett, lived for many years, and where Robin Williams acted in one of his last films, Boulevard.  Some of us stayed up late to watch the movie and pointed to the rooms and beds where we were staying.  The Nashville newspaper noted that the film story coincidentally matched the story of Stephen and his wife—a mid-life coming out story.

Business included voting in new council members.  Gary Shephard, a previous council member and co-convener, accepted a nomination and joined the council.  Johnny Gall, previously our MOSAIC liaison member, joined as a non-MOSAIC liaison member.  We’re looking for a new MOSAIC liaison.  The council regretfully accepted the resignation of Laci Lee Adams.

Affirmation Council MembersWith General Conference 2016 just months away, Walter Lockhart, Affirmation’s representative to the Love Your Neighbor Coalition, shared that Affirmation provided the money to hold the hotel rooms, which will be across from the convention center.  The LYNC statement has more than 1000 signers and 12 caucus groups are on board.  Although a policy change is unlikely in 2016, our coalition is stronger than ever.

Jan Olson presented the budget for 2016 and let us know that she is at the end of her tenure.  Council members expressed deep appreciation to Jan and will identity a new treasurer.  As the members signed Christmas cards, ideas for fundraising emerged.  Because of Tim Tennant-Jayne’s bequest (Tim was Affirmation Co-spokesperson and died in January 2014,) Affirmation has the basic resources to create a program that will inspire giving.  In August 2015, the council approved start up funding for The Liberty Africa Youth Foundation as it launched both a beauty salon and a brick making business in Uganda run by LGBT people.  We reviewed the progress of project, and are hopeful these projects will help LGBTQ people in Africa achieve financial independence and inspire gifts from Affirmation donors.

Photo: Back Row:  Mary Lynn Ragan Clunn, Stepen Mallett, Gary Shephard.  Front Row:  Walter Lockhart, Jan Hensley-Olson, Lyn Ellis, Ann Craig

The Winter 2015-2016 newsletter has some short bios of the council members.

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