As United Methodist delegates begin to gather at General Conference briefings, the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC) has released an Epiphany statement, “An Open Letter to the African Bishops of The United Methodist Church,” in response to the Africa College of Bishop’s “A Statement on the state of global UMC and our common world

The letter begins:

Grace and hope to you during this season of Epiphany as together we celebrate the revelation of God’s saving presence and commit ourselves anew to the sacred work of doing justice and making peace.

We are writing in response to the statement issued by the African College of Bishops of The United Methodist Church at their meeting of 7-11 September 2015 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Their words come to us as a mixture of both blessing and curse. Even as they inspire hope on some fronts, they deepen our despair on others. That is why we have discerned a profound need to respond.

You can read LYNC's response here or download it (PDF) from here.

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