Let's Raise the Roof at General Conference!

It's Time!
It's time to raise the roof at General Conference 2016 in Portland! The "Roof" is a "Tabernacle" across the street from the Convention Center in Portland, where the world-wide United Methodist General Conference will be held.

Affirmation is a member of the Love Your Neighbor Coalition, a coalition of 13 diverse and progressive groups "committed to the embodiment of God's love and justice within and through the people and mission of The United Methodist Church."

Affirmation has pledged support to the LYN Coalition and we need your help to raise the roof of the big tent where we can welcome delegates, hold speakers' series, gather for fellowship and support. Right now, it is a gravel parking lot!

Please give, because we're still short of being able to have the tent, the accessible flooring, tables and chairs, the food and a stage.  The sound system is already being donated! Join a growing group of donors to this important witness! The Tabernacle was an important part of the progressive General Conference experience at Tampa in 2012. Let's do it again!

Donate now. Thanks!