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Affirmation was founded in 1972 and went on to establish Reconciling Ministries. Affirmation was the first group to include Transgender people and was the first to provide direct support to LGBTQ+ people in Uganda and Kenya. We were one of three organizations that founded the Love Your Neighbor Coalition (LYNC), which now has fourteen organizations at the table. We are partners in legislative action at General Conferences as well as the sponsor for safe space Hotline conversations to process harmful actions. We show up for church trials against LGBTQ+ people and our allies. Our LGBTQ+ activism in the United Methodist Church embodies the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. We work locally, nationally, and globally in relentless pursuit of full inclusion in the United Methodist Church. We journey with the Holy Spirit to create God's beloved community.

Our Council Through the Years

Affirmation was the first

to start Reconciling Congregations

to lead on gender parity

to include "bisexual"

to include "transgender"

to connect to East Africa

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