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Fall 2021 Newsletter

Yes, we're still around! A little controversy in our denomination won't scare us away! We've even encouraged it because of the injustices done to our LGBTQIA+ loved ones and siblings!

Here's our latest newsletter, published a couple of months ago to those on our mailing list. So if you missed it, join us!

  • Watch for a new date for our "annual meeting" which has been postponed (announcement on the front page of the newsletter).

  • Read a lament for the UMC, by Julie Taylor, national council member from North Carolina, a long-time United Methodist. Pages 2-3.

  • Read about the future of the UMC, by Luis Reyes and Ann Craig, other national council members. Pages 4-5.

  • Read about our work in East Africa (Kenya)! Pages 6-8.

2021-08 Final Vol 47_1 Summer 2021
Download PDF • 497KB

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